Painters Meat Processing takes pride in providing a very specialized service. Skill, the right equipment, the drive for good communication, and a deep agricultural heritage allow us to successfully turn livestock that you have carefully raised (or that you have carefully chosen and purchased) into beef, pork, lamb, or chevon that you will enjoy over a long period of time in your own unique way.

We believe that it is important that the food we eat is grown well, harvested humanely, prepared specifically for exact usage, and packaged for long term storage. Any part of this process that we can control, we’ll back up with a personal guarantee.

Since 1966– we’re into the second and third generations now– Painters has offered complete meat processing services for a wide variety of livestock and wild game, such as deer. In addition, we sell local beef and pork cuts such as ground beef, sausage, pork chops, steaks, and roasts. And for party planners, we have roaster hogs, chicken halves, top rounds, and pork butts.

Our goal is to be your dependable “go to” source and or partner for safe, delicious meat.

Call or stop in to Painters Meat Processing for rates and availability—or a tour.