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Prices Per Pound:

Sandwich Steak $1.50
Cube Steak $1.00


Stew Meat $1.50
Baconburger (2:1) $3.00
Baconburger w cheese $3.50
Sage Sausage Spices $.50
Sweet Italian Sausage Spices $1.00
Hot Italian Sausage Spices $1.00
Casings $.50
Pork added $3.50
Beef added $4.00
Suet added $1.00
Cheese added $1.00
Garlic Bratwurst in casing $2.00
Wisconson Bratwurst in casing $2.00
Reguar Hotdogs with Pork $6.50
American Cheese Hotdogs with Pork $9.00
Jalapeno Hotdogs with Pork $9.00
Regular Bologna $1.50
Hot Bologna $2.00
Bologna w Pork and Jalapeno Cheese $8.00
Kielbasa with Pork $5.50
Pepperstick $4.50
Dried $3.50
Corned $1.50
Jerky $4.00
Smoked Leg $10.00
Special Batch $10.00


Fill your stomach with the best tasting meat

We have the quality meat you want! You can choose from a variety of USDA inspected meat that is locally farmed and of the highest quality. You can find almost all cuts by the piece, including many types of:

  • Steaks
  • Roasts
  • Ground beef
  • Chops
  • Sausages

Prices change weekly, but ALWAYS remain affordable and honest!

Choose from many specialty products to satisfy your cravings

When you want something out of the ordinary, you will be pleased with the satisfying and delicious specialty products also sold in the retail store. To ensure the best quality, we use USDA inspected beef, pork and game to make these fine snack products. Using your own beef, pork, lamb, goat, venison, antelope, elk, moose, caribou, you name it, here are many of the things we make: 

  • Hot dogs
  • Cheese-added hot dogs
  • Bologna (summer sausage)
  • Pepper sticks (snack sticks)
  • Jerky
  • Dried beef, dried venison, etc.
  • Smoked ham
  • Kielbasa

Other Products Available Include:

• Tenderloins (“filet”), whole
• Loins (“tenderloin steaks”) sliced
Loins (“tenderloin steaks”) butterflied
• Loins (“tenderloins”) left whole
Loins (“tenderloins”) cut into portions
o    Hindquarter roasts
o    Hindquarter steaks
o    Hindquarter for sandwich steak
o    Hindquarter for dried venison
o    Hindquarter for smoked leg
o    Hindquarter for cube steaks
o    Hindquarter for jerky
• Ground Venison
Ground Venison+pork ( 3:1 ) (bulk 1 lb per pkg)
Ground Venison+beef ( 4:1 )
Ground Venison+suet ( 10:1 )
Ground Venison Patties
Baconburger w cheese
Sage sausage, 1#/pkg
Sage sausage patties 4/pkg
Sage sausage in casings
Sweet Italian sausage
Sweet Italian patties 4/pkg
Sweet Italian sausage in casings
Hot Italian sausage
Hot Italian patties 4/pkg
Hot Italian sausage in casings
Garlic Bratwurst (pork3:1,casings)
Wisconsin Bratwurst(pork3:1,casings) 
Neck Roast
Shoulder Roasts 
Spare Ribs
Canning Meat – minimum 14#
Boneless stew

Purchase quality meats year round, and seasonal specials!


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