Meat Processing

Painters Meat Processing turns your livestock and wild game into meat that you will enjoy until the last package is gone.

We are a USDA inspected Custom Exempt-only plant.

We do offer products for sale that were processed under the appropriate inspection.

We operate year-round, with our peak volume being between August and February. November and part of December is reserved for wild game processing. For those who need our services for beef and hogs during the peak volume period, we recommend scheduling an appointment six months to one year in advance.

All cuts are vacuum packaged and ground products are stuffed into air-displaced bags.

We invest the time/energy/technological tools that it takes to assure that we have the right cut for you. We do not have a “check this or check that” cutting form. We prefer talking to you directly.

We make hot dogs, bologna (summer sausage), pepperstick, kielbasa, dried beef (or venison or elk or moose…), jerky, corned anything, smoked anything, sandwich steak, patties, fresh sausages, and seasoned burger.

Some customers request our grinding, sawing, cutting or vacuum packaging services solely.

Hot Dog Camp may be an option for you if you live a distance away, have 65 lbs of venison or more that you would like turned into hotdogs, and have a “How It’s Made” curiosity. Ask us.