Venison Processing

We accept wild game for processing year round.

From the start of NY’s to the end of PA’s gun seasons, we devote our shop to wild game processing exclusively and therefore do not process any domestic livestock during this time frame.

Each deer is processed individually. You get your own venison back. However, in order to accommodate orders for snack products that are less than the exact batch size requirement, we will co-mingle venison trim that is destined for hot dogs, bologna, kielbasa, and/or pepperstick. We DO NOT co-mingle venison trim not processed in our facility.

In order for us to do the best job for you, we prefer that you bring your deer to us field dressed, rinsed and with the hide still ON. A deer that is field dressed properly, brought to us promptly, and skinned in our facility will age nicely with no spoilage for 5 to 10 days, depending also on the condition of the deer (fat cover).

“Dressed properly” means the following: “bled-out” (exsanguinated) immediately, viscera removed completely and cleanly—no contamination from bowel content. “Bung” (anterior of bowel) is completely removed. It is also a good idea to open the hind legs for better cooling.

Our basic charges. Find an extended menu on the Forms page:

  • $75/ea for deer brought in field dressed with hide on
  • $85/ea for deer brought in field dressed with hide off
  • $3 head removal
  • $5 V-Cut antler plate removal
  • $25 Cape

Hunters who cut their own deer, but like our specialty products, this message is for you…

In order to accommodate our customers who bring their entire deer to us for complete processing — and because we have very limited storage space — we are not able to accept boneless venison for hot dogs, pepperstick, bologna, or kielbasa between November 1st and January 2nd. Please store your venison in your freezer until we can accept again. We also suggest that you store the venison as large boneless pieces to help preserve its freshness. Our grinder will easily handle a 10# hindquarter piece. Thank you.

Here are the amounts of venison needed to create these products for you using your own meat:

Hot dogs: 13#

Bologna (regular and hot): 25#

  • Hot cheese bologna with pork added: 18#
  • Pepperstick: 25#
  • Kielbasa (pork added): 18#
  • Jerky (must be hindquarter): 15#